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Bride and Groom

About Me

I love photography!

I have been a professional photographer for over 10 years. I am an avid photographer and videographer and use Canon, Nikon, JVC, Sony and Konica Minolta cameras. I formerly managed several major photography studios in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area and now I have my own photography/videography business serving the Phoenix, Arizona area as well as Chicago, Illinois. Previously, I was employed in several municipal and state government agencies and I owned a chain of retail cellular phone stores in Chicago. In addition to my photography, I am an assistant principal at a local high school.


In addition to my own photography business, in the Phoenix area, I am a featured, lead photographer for Bellagala Phoenix Weddings and George Street Photo & Video. You can also visit my Lily and Lime profile as well! 


I was recently featured in Shoutout Arizona. Check out the article featuring me - Meet Jayden Miller!

As a photographer, I have earned recognition and respect in the photography field and my photographs have been shown throughout the world. Many of my photos have been featured in publications, for example - Jayden Miller Interview and Jayden Miller Creative Local Artist (scroll down page to see my credit). 

I have a Bachelor's Degree from Western Illinois University, a Master's Degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology and started doctoral work at Colorado State University. I have attended many classes and workshops that have helped me excel in photography. 

Capturing fleeting moments in time and helping to chronicle people’s lives is what continues to drive me to excel and maintain my passion. As a photographer, I have a range of experience with portraiture, weddings, landscapes, special events and everything in between.

I look forward to photographing or providing video services for you!



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Phoenix, Arizona

Chicago, Illinois

Tel: 469-573-1814 



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